What have I been up to?
Work, SAT, college acceptance letters, got my motorcycle license and a new bike, saw Man Man live, bought some junk off the internet, got a new laptop, met Adam West, Burt Ward, And Lee Meriwether.

So, yeah… you can look at me being a derp for these past couple months, I promise to keep you guys more in the loop from now on.

I don’t want to come off as pretentious, condescending, or antediluvian.

I am still my fatuous self; my fastidious speech at the moment in my epistle may seem obscure, but I am working on my vocabulary for the SAT.

Forgive me in advance should this come off as gaffe and possibly aberration.

Don’t want a polemical, though it’s becoming an obsession.
I wish to be adroit avoiding any err, so I guess in short, I shall refuse reticent retorts and instead pontificate.

If you should become bristle because I might seem esoteric, just give me a portent and I will obviate from my hyperbolic speech and back to my rife, affable nature and ruminate of when to demur from this omniscient, onerous, loft, loquacious way.

If you should permit me to be candid with you, this is slowly becoming inadvertent and despondent, as I am tyro.

Yet, I feel like a savant, and a tad inscrutable.
Though.. this may be verbosity, I’m in a furrow, but ever so complacent.

However, I digress.

Went to the Pittsburgh Zoo yesterday with my darling Charli for her b-day.Why should you care?

Went to the Pittsburgh Zoo yesterday with my darling Charli for her b-day.

Why should you care?



Odd, I went to bed jail bait.
But I woke up an adult dating a minor.
Oh, how the tides have turned.

Ah well… beyond that, I also now am entitled to quite a list of new abilities.
Such as:

1. Buy tobacco
2. Change your name
3. Get a tattoo
4. Get a piercing
5. Buy spray paint
6. Work more hours
7. Sue someone
8. Be sued
9. Purchase liquid white out
10. Pawn something
11. Get married
12. Get divorced
13. Adopt a child
14. Be on Jerry Springer
15. Go on Cruise
16. Buy a lottery ticket
17. Get a hotel room
18. Call some “900” numbers
19. Go to a night club
20. Get a Sam’s club membership
21. Skydive
22. Sign legal documents
23. Gamble
24. Get a blockbuster membership
25. Get a loan
26. Buy insurance
27. Donate blood
28. Enlist in the military
29. Rent a movie
30. Get a non-prepaid cell phone
31. Sign a legal contract
32. Begin earning credit
33. Smoke a cigarette
34. Chew tobacco
35. Move out of the parental units house
36. Get paid more
37. Go to an adult jail
38. Be convicted as an adult
39. Become an undercover cop
40. Work full-time
41. Become a flight attendant
42. Purchase Nicorette gum
43. Purchase “the patch”
44. Drive any time of day
45. Visit a porn site
46. Visit a porn store
47. Become a stripper
48. Work in an alcohol serving establishment
49. Work in bar
50. Get a bar tending license
51. Work at Wal*Mart0
52. Get a business license
53. Go to a strip club
54. Work in a strip club
55. Work in a night club
56. Vote
57. Pay a utility bill
58. Open a savings account
59. Open a checking account
60. Obtain a credit card
61. Enter a contest
62. Enter a sweepstakes
63. Buy a monkey (w/ a license)
64. Open an eBay account
65. Carry a weapon (w/ a license)
66. Order something off T.V.
67. Open your own AOL account
68. Write a check
69. Operate machinery at work
70. Become a mentor
71. Go bungee jumping
72. Work at a gas station
73. See a doctor on your own
74. Get a different type of driver’s license
75. Rent a port-a-potty
76. Get the water bill in your name
77. Lease an apartment
78. Rent a house
79. Finance a car
80. Be a manager
81. Deliver newspapers for the Tampa Tribune
82. Sign yourself out of school
83. Work practically anywhere
84. Start your own business
85. Cash a savings bond
86. Buy nitrous oxide
87. Give a lap dance
88. Get a lap dance
89. Rent a post office box
90. Drive a company vehicle
91. Drive an ice cream truck
92. Buy a house
93. Breaks at work are no longer required.
94. Start a 401k plan
95. Apply for benefits at work
96. Receive more responsibility/stress/advantages
97. Pay taxes
98. Get a PayPal account
99. Make your own decisions
100. Have the freedom and independence you didn’t have before
101. Nude photos of yourself from this point on are no longer child pornography.

Wow, even with all these new found powers, I don’t feel any different, in fact I am not any more mature, physically or mentally!

Damn, this is god damn underwhelming.
Even more frustrating than that is I now have to go to work on my birthday!

By god, that’s what growing up and becoming an adult is!
Realizing life is one big disappointment!

Woo, haha; anyway, thanks for all the birthday wishes in advance from all of you, cheers.

So, my friends got together and got me as an early birthday present V.I.P passes to Monster Mainia; not only does that get me a good score of goodies, like a free tshirt, and reserved seats to any of the film screenings, as well as access over all three days to the con.

 But, it also lets me meet stars such as: Lou Ferrigno, also known as The Incredible Hulk.

 David Prowse, who played a little role as… fucking Darth Vader!

 Lee Meriwether, Yvonne Craig, Burt Ward, all from Batman ‘66!

 Oh, and best of all - I get to meet Adam West!

 To those of you who are unaware, Batman means the world to me; for as long as I can remember I have loved batman, this means the world to me.

 The V.I.P pass encompasses some of these fun treats: it guarantees a signed item of mine from Adam West, a photo with on my own camera, an hour early entry than the general public, and… access to the V.I.P party with all the stars!

 Without a doubt, I have to take my original ‘66 Batman poster and have ‘em sign it.

My inner geek/fanboy is exploding inside.

Hey guys, sorry for being inactive for so long; I have been busy getting ready for college/future plans.

This video explains it better than any words I can type could.

One hundred followers!

Man, I feel like a cult leader.

What should I do/post for you guys to celebrate?